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Dear golf friends,

As you all know, all of us wheelchair golfers are a very special category with special requirements, even among the other groups of disabled golfers.

Both in relation to the place and in hotels, shuttle service or the clubhouse terrace.

With the wheelchair tour “Race to Mallorca” we want to try to meet the special demands as well as possible.

We are looking forward to organizing these tournaments together with various sponsors such as Powerbasetec and Handisport Mallorca and of course we hope to be able to welcome many of you .

After talks with the EDGA, the two tournaments will count towards the world rankings. The EDGA will support us with their possibilities.

We are looking forward to great tournaments and hope that with the Race to Mallorca we will be able to gain more acceptance for wheelchair golfers worldwide and to inspire new wheelchair users who are interested in golf.

All information about the tournaments, current reports, player profiles and announcements as well as registration forms can be found on this homepage soon.

See you

here all pictures to download

RTM23 PBT- HANDISPORT – Day 2 – Google Drive drive_2022q3_32dp.png–m7XwMNhZp7DGGX?usp=sharing


We would be happy to get some more sponsors to offer more great events to all players in 2024 !